Monday, December 30, 2013

Bonus email...Be careful what you pray for :)

Hey! I have a minute or two to write so ill tell you about a kinda funny experience I had yesterday. I was having a pretty hard day, I felt really down and really missed weber, friends, and family. I had so many thoughts of wanting to come home, although that isnt the path I knew I needed to take so prayed asking to be refocused and strengthened and I got my answer. About two hours later I was in sacrament meeting preparing for a musical number our district was performing (i got to sing... it was Be Still My Soul) then when I got to sacrament meeting I was asked to bless the sacrament and I agreed. I was thinking, man Ive got so much I need to do for this meeting but little did I know I hadnt even been given the scariest responsibility I would be given. after blessing the sacrament I was randomly called up to the pulpet to give a 5 minute surprise talk on prayer. I was shaking the entire time I was up there I had no idea what I should say but I think it sounded alright, atleast the people I talked to said it sounded good! The lord has weird ways of answering our prayers but being given so many responsibilities really was able to refocus me and help me to progress as a missionary. Have a great week! leaving to Arkansas in like 10 hours!!
Love, elder johnson

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