Friday, December 20, 2013

1st MTC email

so apparently friday is our P day in the MTC.  It has been a lot of work so far.  after I was dropped off within 10 minutes I had gotten everything into my room and was in my first class working and it hasn't slowed down since then.  It has been a great experience so far.  My first companion is Elder Ernst.  He is from Cedar Hills Utah.  He doesn't like to run much but I convinced him we were gonna go everyday, people make a lot of jokes about me working out all the time, but I don't car, might as well take advantage of the small amount of rest time we have and work harder.  I am excited to be here and I am doing well, the food is great and I have stayed away from every dessert they have tried to give me.  The classes are long and with the limited amount of sleep, I get really tired but I have definitely done my best to work hard and be an exceptional missionary.  Our branch president challenged us all to be exceptional missionaries and not average missionaries and that has become my goal for the next 2 years.  I want to be up before 6:30 everyday, run everyday, study during study time, and work the hardest I can while talking and finding investigators.  President Stice also called me to be our sacrament meeting coordinator of the time we are in the MTC.  The other day while I was studying ELder Schauers passes out onto me...that was kinda interesting.
Thanks for the letter, it was nice to get something.  I believe grandma sent me a bunch of desserts as well, it just said from the Wilcox family.
Have a great week!
Love,   Elder Johnson

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